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Since I was in my teen years, food has always been a huge factor in my life. Having fought with anorexia and bulimia for many years it has been a love/hate relationship and it was not until my mid-twenties I finally came to peace with my body and food in general.

Meeting my husband changed everything

When I meet Johan he was, and still is, working out a lot. He had a lot of focus on healthy foods and he had opinions about it. I wanted to make him happy and started to cook heathy nourishing food for us. Rapidly I saw the huge changes the healthier lifestyle, with less sugar and more greens, did to me.

I had more energy, my skin cleared up and I even found that I no longer needed my blood pressure medicine, that I had been taking for years. My doctor had told me that I was genetically disposed which at that time made sense. After only a couple of weeks on a healthier diet I, in collaboration with my doctor, was able to come off of the medication completely.

With more energy came the desire to do sport and I became very active.

I started to love food

Each day since, I have been experimenting creating new recipes. After starting up The Performance Retreat together in 2017 it was very clear to me, that one of the areas I wanted to expand was within the area of nutrition. I completed a Diploma in Health & Nutrition and started actively working with our clients.

I started with our clients at The Performance Retreat

Since then I have worked tirelessly creating recipes custom made for each of our High Performance Clients, taking into account  blood type, dietary allergies and personal preferences. This is one of the things that makes the Clean-Living Diet so special, it can be custom made for each our preferences whether vegetarian, pescatarian, meat lover or if you have intolerances.

I have for many years been eating LCHF and at times been experimenting with the keto and paleo diet. For sure I have felt the best switching between Keto and LCHF but the twist I have added to the Living Clean diet, is to have you consider the nutrition, vitamins and minerals in the food you eat. Combined with the fact that you always choose a clean source, this diet will make you very aware about all the goodies you can fuel your body with.

Now available to you

It has been a long time coming that I wanted to create a space to introduce my Clean-Living Diet followed by a Clean-Living cookbook. A really positive outcome of the corona virus is, that I have had to think differently.

I started by creating a free Facebook Group where I have been sharing some of our “Secrets”, as we call them, from The Performance Retreat. It has been a huge success with loads of interaction from day one, and I am now ready to take my Clean-Living Diet to the next level. I hope you will follow me and allow yourself to nourish your body in the best possible way.


Diving into micronutrients