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Breakfast Ideas on The Clean-Living Diet

Breakfast Ideas on The Clean-Living Diet

It’s my impression that most people are creatures of habit.  We tend to reach for the same foods every day as they often tend to be quick and easy.  Think about it, do you always eat the same or do you change it around?  A lot of people tell me that they eat the same foods all through the week, however, they also say that they tend to vary it more at weekends as they have more time.

I am defiantly like this. During normal weekdays my “go-to” is often a couple of raw slices of zucchini topped with avocado or some cheese. I accompany it with a soft-boiled egg and a cup of bulletproof coffee. This fills me up until lunch and I have no cravings in between.

On this plate, you also see some of my Homemade Vegetable Buns.

Another version is a quick omelette – one slice of cheese on the pan and when it starts to bubble, I add 2 eggs whipped together. A little salt and pepper and I am good to go. Again – I have a bulletproof coffee or an Egg Latte Coffee to go with this.

Simple Omelet

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked when talking to clients or friends about the Clean-Living Diet is what to eat for breakfast.

There are a wealth of opportunities when it comes to breakfast on this diet. Most importantly though, is that you remember to eat until you are full.

I love breakfast and in our home, we choose to make the most of this time together as a family.  We start our day together for a minimum of an hour, this time is very special to me and we often enjoy engaging conversations in the morning.

I know not everyone has this possibility, you might have an early morning job or choose to sleep longer. This means you will not always have a lot of time to prepare your breakfast. Do not worry – on the Clean-Living Diet there are loads of options to choose between and they do not have to require a lot of time.

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