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Juicy Iced Tea

Recipe Details

Juicy Iced Tea

Cook Time

5 min


4 Per


  • 2 teabags of choice - I used herbal mint tea
  • 1 Liter clean water
  • Sukrin Gold to taste (can be left out)
  • Half a lemon
  • A handful of frozen blueberries
  • Mint leaves to style

Especially during hot summer months you might find yourself craving something to take care of that thirst of yours. At the moment its super hot here in Mallorca where I am located and when I want to spoil myself and those around me I will make a nice pot of iced tea.

Not only does it look really festive, especially when you add those frozen blueberries, but it also takes care of that thirst that you can get during summertimes where water simply does not cut it!

Sweet/not sweet?

Wether you want you iced tea to be sweet or unsweetened I will leave up to you. When using herbal mint tea I tend to use less sweetener, which I always prefer. Less sweetener that is. The reason being, that I feel the drawing for something “carb” sneaking in on me when I get too much sweetener. Beside this, I don’t like the taste too much of sweeteners.

Which sweetener to choose?

If you want to make sure you dint spike your insulin level and stay in ketosis, you have to be aware of what sweetener to choose. In general I try to only use erythritol sweeteners, my favorite being Sukrin Gold. It has the more round brown sugar flawier to it. I simply can’t stand the sweeteners that taste cold and unnatural.

In this recipe I used 2 tablespoons of Sukring Gold, that seemed to be the right amoud to give it a bit of a sweet kick to it.


  1. Boil water and add teabags in a pot
  2. Let rest for 5-10 minutes depending on the tea you choose
  3. Add Sukrin Gold to taste while the tea is still warm
  4. Cool down and add juice of half a lemon
  5. Serve with frozen blueberries and mint leaves


Serve on a warm summer day, when friends come over or whenever feeling xtra thirsty ;)


Anything special to remember:

Drink on special occasions as you dont want to be “addicted” to the sweetness of the drink.


Herbal Teas often come packed with antioxidants and nutrients that serve many purposes. Some herbal tea benefits may include reduced inflammation and better immune system function.